Pre-Release Empowerment Training


Orient female offenders with our services 90-days prior to release. I’m FREE offers six, two-hour, intensive, innovative and empowering workshops to help females who are incarcerated make changes in their thinking prior to their transition to the community.


In order for the females to be selected for I’m FREE’s training upon release, they must successfully complete the six session pre-release curriculum and competencies. The six sessions give I’m FREE staff and participants the opportunity to determine: 

1) If the partnership is a good fit,
2) If the participants are ready to take responsibility for their own situations.

Transforming One Woman at a Time

Reintegration Support (T1W); seven, two-hour, intensive, innovative and empowering English College workshops helps incarcerated women make changes in their thinking prior to their transition to the community.

7-Week Cognitive Behavioral Transformation

Topics Include:

  •         Attitude
  •         Crime, Corrections and Criminal Behavior
  •         Fear
  •         Trauma & Recovery
  •         Self-assessment / Self-esteem
  •         Conflict Resolution / Anger Management
  •         Support Systems
Participants Have Said:

“I wish this class was longer than 6 weeks.”

“I’ve learned to control my anger.”

“Change is Possible!”

“I’ve overcome my fears so I can be free.”

“I’ve learned to believe in myself.”

“I’m excited to give back to others.”

“I am somebody despite all my flaws, I can overcome all of my downfalls.”

“I can still have a blessed, non-stressful life filled with happiness and love.”

“I am no longer afraid to be successful.”

“Thank you so much for all of the laughs and insight.”

The seven week classes at Riverside Correctional Facility (RCF) are followed by gender-responsive wrap around services in the community. Length of services are determined by the results of the Women’s Risk / Needs Assessment (WRNA).

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