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Women are released from prison at all hours. Often times, there is no one there to meet her. She is released with a plastic bag or if she’s lucky, a box filled with her belongings. I’m FREE will meet previous trainees with a Dignity Bag, a duffle that will give her a sense of Dignity and the basic necessities upon her release.

I’m FREE, an entrepreneur empowerment training initiative offers guidance for women immediately upon release from the prison system where they learn healthy behaviors, seek active employment and build strong support systems so that they can become productive members of society and thus reduce the generational recidivism rate for themselves and their children.


During the on-going recession, entrepreneurship has become an even more popular path for women in America.  Women are introduced to entrepreneurship as an alternative employment option to best match their interests, skill-set  and civic restrictions. Women are introduced to small business owners who train, employ and guide them as they create their own ventures.

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